Set your own MLO Commissions, with a team behind you!

Are you really making the money you deserve on your mortgage deals? Groves Capital INC. has a better option for you. We’ve broken the mold and created a new model that enables you to run your own mortgage franchise. Additionally, we’ve built it with the best of everything to make you successful and keep your clients happy no matter the state of the economy!

  • Run your own Mortgage Company on our Platform
  • Dramatically increase your income while providing an easy process for clients
  • Lower rates/fees for your clients!
  • Work from anywhere you want
  • Enjoy access to the best rates and products
  • Use leading-edge technology
  • Get free professional coaching and solutions for turning every deal into a closing
  • We do residential and commercial lending and if you have a real estate license they can do both with Groves Capital, we have real estate broker company, which will go over all documents and contracts to protect you and your clients. Free coaching   only 1295.00 a file and access to our TC.
  • Mortgage Broker in California, Washington, and Texas.

Don't Fear the Rate Shoppers Double Your Income!

Easier Lending

Access to 160+ lending platforms and growing!

More Products

Best rates for all loan types-Govt Loan rates are better than Navy Fed!

Full Support

Processing Company Team Dedicated to Groves Capital MLO’s!

The Groves Capital Difference

Our company founders began their Mortgage/Real Estate career at banks, enabling them to see how hard-working loan originators were only receiving a fraction of what they deserved. They grew their book of business and escaped the shackles of the large financial lending institutions. Now let us show you how you can do the same thing, doubling your money with less work and better loan products and rates!

The Groves model lets you decide how much commission you wish to make on each deal from 0.5% if that’s what you want, up to 3%, if the numbers work. As the Broker of Record, we take a reasonable percentage of any commission, and we advise that you work with our seasoned processors who have been in the industry for 20-30 years for a flat fee of $800. We have compensation plans ranging from 1.25% to 2.75% depending on the investor and product so you can be as competitive as you need to be. We take a modest flat fee from the total compensation and give you the investors raw pricing! This keeps everything compliant and simplifies your route to maximum loan commissions no tiers or minimum funding’s that also keep your borrowers happy and loyal!


Grow with Us

We are a privately- and family-owned company looking to expand. We intend to do this by partnering with exceptional MLOs who want to make two to three times their current income, by working for themselves at home. If you have been working in the industry, have a state license and are motivated, self-reliant and creative, you are the perfect fit for this winning game plan.

With Groves Capital, you will have access to FHA and VA loans, for credit scores as low as 500, with rates comparable to traditional loans. We can even use non-borrowing spousal income to offset debt in community property states for VA loans! This is all part of our model:

  • No guideline overlays
  • Lowest MI in the country with our wholesale investors
  • Underwrite in 24 hours
  • Literally clear to close in 5-7 business days

You are paid within days of the loan closing and issued a 1099 at year-end. It’s that simple. And that lucrative!

Ready When You Are

We would be happy to schedule an appointment with you over the phone, to answer any questions you may have. We can discuss loan scenarios, and we can even give you the raw pricing, so you can see the huge spread that the banks and credit unions are keeping for themselves while you do all the work!

Remember, you must have your MLO license in the state you are working into partner with us. As one of the top 50 lenders in California and top 150 in the U.S., we offer a full arsenal to make virtually every loan work for you. Why wait? Grab your rightful share of the prize. Team up with Groves Capital today!

Other Key Notes

  • Floify for online application and collecting documents and conditions
  • 5 Star on Glassdoor
  • LOS system is LENDER PAD
  • Use LENDER PRICE for pricing engine
  • Rapid rescore for credit available
  • Processing Company dedicated to Groves Capital INC MLOs available or you can use your own processor as well
  • Fastest growing company with United Wholesale Mortgage!
  • Marketing options available
  • 1099 at end of the year- compensation to Affiliates paid within 5-7 days post close
  • Correspondent lender for all loan types except for FHA
  • FHA will be brokered loans
  • Flexibility with compensation on correspondent loans
  • Owners will be available to help with transition and coach you until you become familiar with systems/process
  • Your rates will never be beaten
  • Every product you can imagine
  • Highest splits in the business
  • Choose your Underwriter and change mid transaction if you want to


(someone is always ready for a live support session)
  • Marketing support
  • Systems support
  • Lender/Scenario support
  • Human Resources support
  • Payroll/Accounting support
  • On-boarding support


  • Fully automated marketing to consumers
  • Fully automated marketing to referral partners
  • Fully automated processing (speeds to make your head spin)
  • Full integration with online portals and Day 1 Certainty
  • Turn-Key solutions, websites and mobile apps ready to go


  • Full suite of turn-key platforms, marketing & support ready Day 1
  • Fully integrated and fully automated CRM systems
  • Custom Videos and Flyers ready Day 1
  • Leads sources in house available
  • Entire suite of social media marketing platforms
  • So many things to discuss here let’s schedule a meeting!

Unique Product Offers

  • FHA and VA down to a 500 score
  • Construction One Time Close
  • Stated Income
  • Lot and Land
  • Multiple down payment assistance programs to choose from
  • Doctor program
  • Bank Statement Programs (for self-employed)
  • NO DOC Programs (for investors)
  • Hard Money & Fix and Flip Programs
  • Commercial
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • If there is a product, we either have, or we will put it in place. Just ask.

Stop Doing These Things

Groves Capital is the Answer
  • Stop losing deals to rates (your customers are leaving even if they don’t tell you)
  • Stop saying no to clients that can buy
  • Stop saying no to self-employed clients that cannot show tax returns
  • Stop saying no to clients as low as 500 credit scores
  • Stop accepting poor service from your Underwriters and Processors

Processing You Didn't Know was Possible

  • We have an affiliate processing company, so you can charge your borrower for processing on broker loans
  • True A-Z processing (submit at purchase contract and forget it processing handles the rest)
  • You no longer have to chase down your conditions
  • Processors are COMMISSIONED ONLY and based on speed (they are motivated)
  • Fully automated processing systems that dramatically speed up the process
  • Fully automated processing systems that keep you and your partners in the loop 24/7

Compensation Won't Be Beat

  • Payed 7-8 Days straight ACH!
  • Highest paying Loan Officer Splits
  • Branch Manager opportunities with a full P&L
  • No out of pocket costs at all


  • PreQualifying clients
  • Gathering docs as needed
  • Submitting a complete file
  • Working in the field to build your business

Qualifications and Skills

  • Must be a licensed MLO with NMLS.

List of our currently approved lenders

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