Residential, VA, FHA, USDA, Commercial, Rapid re-score, Hard money, foreign nationals (ITIN), Overseas clients, Construction, rehab, refi’s… I have extensive experience in every category.
INTEGRITY AND RELIABILITY ARE MY HIGHEST PRIORITIES! I use all the modern technology that there are and work remotely from my office.
Saving tons on overhead. Allowing me to spend quality time with every client.
I can be reached at (408)691-1781 or (541)903-0672 text is okay! Did the bank say no? Give me any scenario, if I can’t solve it, nobody can!

You are not dealing with a one-trick pony.

My passion/talent is Loan Origination. 28+ years ago I started in loan processing then went on to Brokering. When the banking rules changed, I complied with the new NMLS regulations and have always had a spotless record.
I know how the receptionist feels, the Processor, the Title person, the Agent, and how the Loan Officer feels, as well as the Realtor and the Broker. That’s what makes me the consummate professional in this field. Reliability, Integrity, and a world of Experience.

You and I are partners here. I know the in’s and out’s you know what you want and what you need. I don’t do pressure. I do cooperation. It’s nice to get paid, but it pays more to be nice. Let us work together to match your needs for you and/or your family or your business, I will be the professional negotiator for you. Be it locally or internationally I have experience with a broad spectrum of cultures and nationalities. I don’t view my profession so much as a sales job, I see it more as an opportunity
to negotiate/champion for my clients. Fight for the best terms possible. Each and every time. That’s how to retain clients, that’s how many of my clients became friends!
Oh, I am also quadrilingual, fluent in Cantonese, Vietnamese, English, and especially Mortgage! Please visit my new Facebook Page

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We’ve been helping customers afford the home of their dreams for many years and we love what we do.

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